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Federal Criminal Defense

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After being charged with a federal crime, you may not know where to turn to find an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are several criminal defense law firms throughout South Florida, and many of them will say that they have experience with the federal criminal justice system. The truth is that the federal criminal justice system can be significantly different from the state system. You will be up against federal prosecutors and a different standard of evidence for your defense. You need to make sure that your attorney has the federal crime experience you can rely on with confidence.

At Benjamin, Aaronson, Edinger & Patanzo. P.A. located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we have been providing federal criminal defense for homicide, white collar crime, interstate drug trafficking and RICO charges for more than 30 years. Our attorneys understand the system and the standards of evidence that federal prosecutors must meet. We also know the strategies that often lead to reducing federal crimes to state felony charges. Our primary goal is always to keep a federal conviction off your record, and we work to reduce or remove prison time from the penalties.

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We understand how complex federal charges are

Federal criminal defense can be complex. We rely on an independent network of investigators, forensic accountants and expert witnesses to investigate and prepare the strongest and clearest case possible for your defense. Make sure you have the right criminal defense team on your side. Protect your rights and your future. Contact us for a free consultation right away.

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