Benjamin, Aaronson, Edinger & Patanzo, P.A.

EXXXOTICA Convention

Last weekend we attended the EXXXOTICA Convention at the Miami Beach Convention
Center.  For Benjamin & Aaronson, it was a time to see some old friends and make some new
ones.  Most aspects of the adult entertainment industry were present in some form or another.
New porno stars, veterans, distributors, club owners, and even our friends at Xcitement magazine
were displaying nubile young things covered only in delightful body paint or other skimpy attire!
Merchandise made of everything from glass, leather, metal, and gel were sold.  Thousands of
fans were ogling at the adult wares.

The Miami Beach Convention Center collected mega money from the promoters of
EXXXOTICA and we bet that they stuffed hundreds of thousands of dollars into the coffers of
the City of Miami Beach. In an elegant office surrounded by pictures of himself and hundreds of
the famous people who have befriended him, sits Leroy Griffith who owns and operates
“Madonnas” and has been involved in the adult entertainment industry since before most of you
were born.  Leroy is quite frustrated.  His club has nudity, but it not allowed to serve alcohol.
Those same city officials who stuck their treasury fat from the proceeds of the EXXXOTICA
convention will not allow Leroy to serve alcohol and have his entertainers perform nude on the
same Miami Beach.

It is hilariously ridiculous but understandably not so funny to Leroy.  Here, in one of the
great convention cities in America, it is OK to look at tintalating flesh in the Convention Center,
but not on the stage at Madonnas should he serve alcohol..  What a crazy place!  Those stubborn
city officials don’t realize that a nude club with alcohol  on Miami Beach would do more to
attract more convention groups than possibly any other attraction other than the sand that Miami
Beach could offer.

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