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Florida Medical Marijuana

In Florida, pot medicine has a tough battle before it. The Supreme Court justices approved the ballot language for legalizing medical marijuana in the state 4-3 and lawmakers on both sides of the battle are now revving up to prepare for the November election, where legalizing the medicinal drug will appear on the ballot for the first time and will be in the hands of state voters.

Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation, is making a substantial impact by sponsoring a bill that will legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, with low strains of THC, to help children suffering from various illnesses. She also calls for strict regulation on the drug.

Edwards commented, “The work begins today to take into account the pleas of people all around the state to do something and do it quickly, to make sure these individuals can gain access to the safest treatment without playing politics or hiding behind antiquated arguments.”

Rep. Edwards is leading the way and urging her peers to join in the fight to legalize low-grade medical pot.

To read more about Edwards’ steps toward legalization, click here 

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