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Could Donald Trump harm your Erection via SCOTUS

 Originally this article was going to focus on how Donald Trump hijacked the
Republican Party and how the Republican Party has now sold its soul to Donald Trump.  We
were going to point out how the Republic Party has managed for years to cobble together an
alliance between white wealthy businessmen and historical blue bloods, with Christian
Conservative Evangelicals and disenfranchised whites.  The analogy would have been
something like the wealthy plantation owner forming an allegiance with the good Christian
town folk and convincing the poor white folk that they all had the same interest.  That being
the defeat of those Yankees who freed the slaves and are now giving those slaves more perks
and more consideration than the white folk who built the country.  Actually, this may not
have been an analogy but more of a synopsis.  

     However, that is not what we are going to focus on.  Rather, we are going to focus on
what the Donald Trump presidency will and may mean to all of us.  Believe it or not, we do
have some Republican friends and believe it or not, we do have some independent friends. 
When talking to them about who they intend to vote, a good segment of them championed
Donald Trump.  When asked why, there are several common refrains.  There is the, "he tells
it like it is".  There is the, "it's time that we did not have just a politician in the White House,
but we had a businessman".  There is the, "lets try something new, it's only 4 years".  What
there doesn't seem to be is a statement of Donald Trump's policies and what he believes in. 

     There is a good reason for that.  Donald Trump has no consistent policies.  On any
given day he may give 2, 3, 4 different opinions on the same issue.  His policies are 
inconsistent as he wants to make us have the strongest military in the world (we already do). 
Yet he champions non-intervention and not using our military.  Then he spouts off about
defeating ISIS and getting tough with ISIS, which of course would mean that we would be
intervening militarily, which goes against his non-intervention philosophy.  He wants to
make America strong and be unparalleled on Earth.  Yet, he wants South Korea and Japan
to have nuclear weapons, which only diminishes our power as one of the nuclear elite.

     On trade, he is for protectionism of American products.  Yet, in his own personal life,
he has companies in Mexico and China do manufacturing for items that sell under the Trump

     On the world stage, he has already insulted our strongest ally, Great Britain and its
Prime Minister, David Cameron, but he has openly spoken about his admiration of the
Totalitarian, Vladimir Putin, and his willingness to meet with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. 
Possibly, the most notorious despot on earth.  He loves women but on more than one
occasion, when a woman has had the audacity to question him, he speaks about she must be

     He is going to make American great again, but he never defines what that means. 
What we era is he looking back at?  Is it slavery?  Is it before the 1960's and civil rights?  Is
it during the 80's of Ronald Reagan, when all social programs were cut?  What is that
decade?  What is that year that Donald Trump envisions in his mind?  

     Most of these observations, in fact all of them, are not new.  Most of them have been
heard by those Republican and Independent friends of ours who still pledge their allegiance
to Mr. Trump.  But, during this campaign, there has been one item, one issue, one thought
that Donald Trump has been consistent on.  It is the abortion issue.  Although years ago he
was pro choice, he has steadfastly proclaimed that he is anti-abortion.  He has unwaivered
that his appointments to the Supreme Court would reflect that anti-abortion stance.  And to
his word, he has put out a list of 11 jurists that if he is elected President, he would select from
to be appointments to the highest court in the land, The Supreme Court.

     Each one of these potential Supreme Court Justices is more conservative than the next. 
Each one of them has an anti-abortion track record.  Each one of them would be more than
happy to take away a woman's reproductive rights.  

     Well, for many of our Republican and Independent friends, that is of no moment.  It
is trivial.  But what these friends of ours do not realize and what many of you may not realize
is that each one of those justices who would be happy to take away a woman's reproductive
rights, would also be more than happy to curtail sexual, adult and First Amendment

     These same potential justices are made of a lot that do not believe pornography should
have First Amendment protections.  Some of them do not believe that a woman or a man
should have the right to use a dildo or other rubber goods, and that the State should have
some influence on a person's right to orgasm.  Some of these judges would do away with
community standards as to what is obscene and define it simply as certain sex acts, while
others would create a standard nationally that parroted the most conservative of jurisdictions. 

     Some of the most ardent defenders of Donald Trump that we have talked to are
involved in the adult dancing industry.  Again, because they are mavericks, maybe they like
the maverick in Donald Trump.  Yet, under the Justices to the Supreme Court that Donald
Trump would have, the current status quo that nude dancing has First Amendment
protections but is on the outer perimeter of those protections, would be changed and no
longer be Constitutionally protected at all.  In essence, cities, counties or states would have
the ability to just ban nude dancing.  And of course, the next step would even be the banning
of pasties and g-string dancing, as it is too reflective of almost being nude dancing.  

     These same individuals who tout Donald Trump again say, "well it is only 4 years. 
If he makes a mistake or screws up, we can rebound".  Nothing can be further from the truth
when it comes to the Supreme Court.  The next President will appoint as many as 4 new
justices to the Supreme Court.  Certainly 2 is a given.  These new justices will reign for 20,
30 or 40 years.  Therefore, the adult entertainment industry as we know it, if Donald Trump
is elected President, will cease to exist.  First Amendment freedoms that we all cherish will
be a thing of the past.  And possibly we will not have to worry about the abortion issue or the
lack of a woman's right to choose for herself and have an abortion, because if the potential
nominees to the Supreme Court that Donald Trump has put forth are confirmed, there may
not be any adult movies, nude dancing or eroticism to give an erection. Human sexuality may
be a thing of the past, or certainly not a God given individual right.  That right will belong
to the State.
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