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Bush nightmare coming to end?

Well, the 2006 Congressional elections are over and for those of you who believe in First Amendment freedoms, adult entertainment freedoms, and in all honestly the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, last month’s victory by the Democrats could not have been sweeter.  Although it was assumed that the Democrats would take control of the House, it was little bit more than a dream that they would be able to take control of the Senate.  But sometimes dreams do come true and the nightmare of the Bush Administration is partially over.

With control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Democrats for the first time in the last 12 years, have actually some power in Washington, D.C.  Of course, for six of those 12 years the Democrats did control the White House with Bill Clinton, but unfortunately due to the Monica Lewyinski scandal and White Water, his ability to flex his muscles were limited and Newt Grindrich and the Republican “Contract with America” was the engine driving the Washington, DC machine.  Now that the Democrats are in power in Congress, and George W. Bush a lame duck President, what will the Democrats do?  Hopefully they will govern with integrity, honesty and take back the moral high ground that somehow has been falsely seeded to the Republicans with their garbage “family values” montra.

There has been talk already about the Democrats in the House seeking impeachment of George W. Bush, and then having the Senate try George W. Bush on those impeachment charges.  Although, no one would be happier to see this occur then the authors of this article, in reality that would be the worst thing for this country.  It is not that George W. Bush doesn’t deserve to be impeached.  Rather, using any standard , his actions have been truly reprehensible and he does not deserve to hold that office.  He has lied to the American people as to our reasons for going to war in Iraq.  He and his minons cooked the books as far as intelligence goes in order to justify that war.  He fired the Generals who argued that we were going to war with inadequate troops to secure the peace.  He allowed his staff to out a CIA operative and then lied to the American people that he would fire anybody that was involved.  He blatantly lied to the American people when he said that wiretaps had to be done with a Court order, while at the same time he unilaterally authorized those wiretaps in contravention to established law.  He created no child left behind and then refused to fund the program.  He told the world that America does not condone torture while reports now have it that he personally authorized torture of those in our custody.  He has single-handily dismantled parts of the United States Constitution that had been the bedrock of this country for 200 years.  He sat idly back in Crawford, Texas while New Orleans went through hell and then boldly claimed that his ineffectual Homeland Security Department and FEMA were doing “a heck of a job”.  He has caused more division in this country than any President during these authors’ fifty two years of life.  Yet, he should not be impeached.

The question may be, why shouldn’t he be impeached.  The simple answer is because it is for the good of the country that he remain in office.  Back in the late 1990’s, the Republican controlled Congress made a mockery of our country, by going down the path of impeachment with President Clinton, simply because he enjoyed a “blow job”.

Impeachment has been sparingly used throughout the history of this country.  The fact that it has been sparingly used is why this country is so strong.  It sets us apart from many of the Banana Republics, that once a new administration comes into office, the previous one is vilified, their conduct is scrutinized, and criminal indictments shortly follow.  Rather, we have lived in a country, that regardless of the partisan politics, we have always given great dignity to the office of the President and have cherished that office.  Should the Democrats now decide to impeach George W. Bush, the Democrats would be pursuing a democratic agenda.    One that is detrimental to this country.  If, in fact, the Democrats proceed with impeachment, they will now be setting a precedent that every President that has the opposite party in Congress would be subject to impeachment proceedings.

No, impeachment is too harsh for this country to go through on back-to-back Presidents.  Rather, impeachment should be something that we learn to use only, only, when the facts, the situation, and all are able to agree it is in order.  Right now, a good forty percent of this country or more, would vehemently oppose impeachment of this President.  This country cannot afford to be torn apart again.  This country cannot afford to be made into a Banana Republic, where we seek impeachment the same way as we seek the passage of any bill through Congress.  For the good of this country, George W. Bush should not face impeachment.

Having said this, there is nothing to stop and there should be nothing to stop the Democrats from doing investigations.  All the hypocrisies, wrongdoings and in fact criminal acts of the Bush Administration need to be revealed.  The truth needs to be told and the American people need to hear it.  But, regardless of what that truth ends up being, the best interest of this country is to allow George W. Bush to serve the last two years of his term, to slink into retirement, and to become a comic book character, a butt of jokes, and as history will record, the worst President this country has ever had.

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