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Judgeships The legacy that matters

 Make no mistake about it, we traditionally vote for the Democratic party candidate. There have been some exceptions and we anticipate those exceptions in the future. That is not to say we are thrilled with the Democratic party but rather find the Republican party and their candidates beholden to an ideology and people that are adverse to our way of thinking.

 As you know, once a year either both of us or one of us goes to Las Vegas for The Gentlemen’s Club Exposition which is held in late August. We attend the ACE Board Meeting along with various State Chapter meetings. We interact, give advice and discuss matter with club owners from all around the country. And we are always surprised by the amount of club owners that classify themselves as Republicans and intend to vote this year for Mitt Romney.

 The arguments of these adult club owners who are Republicans or who intend to vote Republican always seem to fall back on “Republicans are good for business”. This year along with that mantra is the refrain of “What has Obama done for the economy” along with “I can’t support Obama Care”.

 A debate could be had as to whether Republicans are truly good for business. The greatest business growth and the greatest economic boom to this country occurred during the eight years that Bill Clinton was President. As to Obama and the economy, Obama inherited the worst recession since the depression of the 20’s and 30’s. The fact that we did not slip into a depression and the economic indicators are on an upturn, if only slightly, should be to his credit. After all, it was the Republicans under George W. Bush that left him that economic nightmare.

 The arguments against Obama care and for it are numerous. If you believe that everyone should have heath insurance and that it is a drain on society for a significant portion of the population not to have it, then you are generally for it. If you believe that everybody should care for themselves and be responsible for themselves and that government should not get involved in the system then you are generally against it.

 However, as we said earlier, it always surprises us about the amount of adult club owners and those involved in the adult entertainment industry that intend to vote Republican and for Mitt Romney this year. Even if you believe that Obama is responsible for the bad economy; even if you believe that Republicans are generally better for business; and even if you believe that Obama care is the worst piece of legislation that has come across a President’s desk in decades as a member of the adult entertainment industry, we find it hard to believe that anyone would still vote Republican and for Mitt Romney.

 The reason for this is quite simple. Neither Democrats nor Republicans in legislatures, whether it be a town council, county commission, state legislature or congress are generally our friends. In the most Democratic of jurisdictions ordinances affecting adult entertainment are passed nearly unanimously. However, a small consolation is that Democrats generally do not view adult entertainment as evil as do a core amount of the religious right and conservative right that make up a large segment of the Republican party. Democrats are more likely to get involved in anti-adult entertainment legislation because it is politically expedient to them while the Republican is fulfilling a campaign pledge or is a true believer in the evils of our industry.

 This difference is only minor in reality. The only difference is that one has the potential of being swayed while the other one is entrenched in his or her belief that adult entertainment must go.

 The real reason why it astounds us that people involved in the adult entertainment industry could vote Republican and this time around for Mitt Romney is simply one involving the judiciary. There are countless Federal District Court Judgeships that have not been filled. During the next four years, numerous Federal Appeal Court Judgeships along with anticipated at least two or three Supreme Court Justices will have to be appointed. A Romney administration will simply mean that the Federal Courts including the United States Supreme Court will be packed with right-wing and religious zealots. Right now, nude dancing and adult entertainment according to the United States Supreme Court is just barely protected by the First Amendment, It is on the outer fringes of that protection. With a Court destined to be more conservative under a Romney administration, than the one we have right now, nude dancing and adult entertainment will find itself outside of First Amendment protection.

 With no First Amendment protection a total ban on nude dancing and a total ban on First Amendment expression as we know it are a possible thing of the future. With Federal District Court judgeships being filled by right-wing conservative religious ideologues, adult entertainment which just barely has a chance in the Federal Court system as we speak, will lose that chance.

 So for those of you who own adult establishments or are involved in the adult entertainment industry that view Republicans and Mitt Romney as good for business, if you get your desire and he is elected as President, he might just be good for business (he may not) but he won’t be good for your business. In fact, hopefully you have saved up enough funds to go into another business, because under the fall out from the Romney administration you might not have a business after all.

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