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Michael J. Peter a great innovator

    In the lore of adult entertainment there is no better story then that of the great innovator, Michael J. Peter.  It would be hard to believe that anyone in the adult entertainment industry does not know the extraordinary story of the gentleman who utilized his university degree in hospitality management to transform the nature of adult cabarets.

    In the 1970’s Peter brought his knowledge to the adult cabaret business by teaching service, excitement and glitz with the time honored adage that “the customer comes first”.  Entertainers were taught to be nice.  Entertainers were taught to be poised, elegantly dressed or “undressed” and genuinely endearing to the customers.  Peter’s high-end adult cabarets such as Solid Gold, Pure Platinum and others transformed the industry into the multibillion one that it is today.

    Along the way, Mr. Peter became notorious and for some unknown reason law enforcement began to target him for investigation and/or regulation.  It boggles the mind to try to find a reason for this other than petty jealousy and the fact that he probably was the envy of each and every agent and law enforcement officer for his dreamlike Playboy lifestyle.

    After years of legal battles ending in an unfortunate Federal conviction, Michael J. Peter has been totally vindicated and that conviction was recently overturned.

    Michael J. Peter has never changed his mantra from providing the high quality adult entertainment that he has become a legend in doing.  Adult entertainment cabarets across the country; the successful ones, are run by former proteges of Mr. Peter from the original clubs that he brought to this country.

    Michael has decided to take his knowledge into the consulting business to teach others how to fulfill their own adult cabaret dreams.  The newest battle is taking place in the small hamlet of Oakland Park, Florida.  Peter has taken on a draconian zoning code in this small municipality claiming that the ordinance is unconstitutional.  This grassroots effort to thwart the continuing trend toward government trying to close down adult cabarets is a wonderful thing.  We wish Mr. Peter Godspeed in his fight against the City and welcome him back to the industry that he so changed a few decades ago.

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