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The “liberal media” myth

    For as long as we can remember there has been that myth of the “liberal media”.  Perhaps, the myth had some basis in its inception.  Maybe, at some time in the past the media was liberal.  But, for the last four or five years it certainly has been shown that the opposite is true.  We now have a conservative media.

    One only needs to turn on the television sets to realize that the old myth is gone and that the conservative media is the reality.  Try to find a liberal talk show host on a news based program.  It is virtually impossible to find.  But, there are handfuls of conservative talk show hosts on the so-called news media stations such as MSNBC and CNBC along with some of the Fox stations. 

    Turn on your radio, again, try to find that liberal talk show host.  Again, it is virtually impossible.  Yet the airwaves are inundated with those vile spewing hate everyone that doesn’t agree with us, conservation news pundits.

    However, more shocking and more disturbing is the trend of all media.  Former President Clinton has been vilified by all media for his lying about “Monica Lewinsky”.  As if it was anybody’s business except his, Monica’s and Hillary’s.  The media made him and Monica the headline story in the papers and the headline story on the nightly news.  Clinton was brandished a liar.  Clinton’s integrity was scrutinized.  All because he did not want to let the world know that he was having an affair which was nobody else’s business.

    Yet, one would have to be blind and deaf not to realize that our current President, George W. Bush, not only lied to the American people, but to the world in order to get us to go to war against Iraq.  He told the American people that we needed to go to war against Iraq because Sadam Hussien had five hundred thousand liters of some biological weapon.  He told the American people and the world that we knew that Sadam Hussien had nuclear weapons and the ability to make them in an instant.  He told the American people and the world that it would take Sadam Hussien forty-five minutes to use chemical weapons against our troops.  He and his underlings told us and the world that we knew where these weapons of mass destruction were.

    On the intelligence front, our President led us to believe that our intelligence had confirmed weapons of mass destruction that Sadam had.  Now we find out that our intelligence consisted of some American Iraq who had a cousin in Iraq whose best friend’s sister knew someone that once dated a cousin of Sadam and he says that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction.  (That may sound ludicrous, but in reality that’s the type of intelligence that we had and apparently our President used.)

    President Clinton’s only crime was killing a couple of hundred thousand sperm cells.  George W. Bush has had American lives lost and thousand of Iraqi lives taken.

    Where is the media now?  Where is that same media that would not allow Clinton to get on with his presidency, because of a blow job, yet gives George W. Bush a free pass to blatantly lie which has caused death to human beings?  Has the media lost its sense and purpose since 9/11?  Does the media as a whole believe that all it is supposed to be now is a cheerleader for our administration?  Or, is it more fundamental?  Has the media become a “conservative media”?  Unfortunately, the latter is probably the case. 

    Although there is some feeling in this country that striking back against Iraq and now possibly even Iran somehow makes amends for 9/11.  There certainly is still some feeling in this country even if subconscious that it is better to attack and show that we are strong even if we are wrong than to sit by idling and not flex our muscles.  There is certainly some of this going on.

    But the real culprit is the media itself.  With Fox taking over every media outlet it can get its hands on, with corporations such as General Electric owning newspapers, the conservative agenda gets pushed more and more.

    There is nothing wrong with a conservative media any more than there was anything wrong with a liberal media.  In a free country the media has the right to be whatever it wants to be.  But, what is wrong whether it is the liberal media or the conservative media, is when it fails to do its job in reporting accurately and fairly.  Having gone through the Clinton era, where the Clintons were investigated for everything and dragged through the mud by the press for anything, how can those same conservative reporters and the conservative media turn a blind eye to the fact that your President, George W. Bush, plays fast and free with the facts, blatantly lies, and obviously is a war monger.  Yet the media does not call him to task.

    Freedom of the press and the First Amendment does not mean being a cheerleader for the administration that is doing more to take away two hundred years of freedoms and liberty in this country than Al Quida, Osama, Sadam and North Korea could ever hope to do combined.  Rather Freedom of the Press demands fairness, calling elected officials to task when the issues are important, such as war.  Not just those important issues such as is the stain on the blue dress mayonnaise or something else.

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