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Alberto Gonzalez Please Leave!

Originally this article was going to be about the death of Jerry Falwell.  More specifically, it was going to be about how proud we are of the media in general and those few remaining left wing media outlets specifically.  Our pride in the media stems from the basically honest accounts of Rev. Falwell’s life as opposed to the fictional hero made of Ronald Regan when he passed away.

Instead of making Rev. Falwell something that he was not, the media instead has brought up the fact that he blamed 9/11 on gays, homosexuals and the ACLU.  The media accurately reported his hate mongering and the fact that he espoused the Jews, Muslims, Buddhist and even unrepentant Gentils would not be accepted by God upon their deaths.  The media aptly has pointed out that in the name of religion, his intolerance to others and the numerous “crazy” statements that he made.

However, rather than kicking a dead horse, although calling Rev. Falwell a horse is defaming to the equine species, we will instead concentrate on Alberto Gonzalez, our Attorney General, who on a daily basis it is revealed, rose to new lows as a human being.  What are we talking about?  Well, it is bad enough that Alberto Gonzalez played tricks with a selection of a jury in Texas, so that his mentor, George W. Bush would not have to reveal that he had been convicted of a DUI.  It is bad enough, that Alberto Gonzalez, believed that the Geneva Convention was quaint and antiquated and believed that torture somehow was  part of the American ideals.  But those were actions of a private lawyer and the White House Council, for his truly despicable deeds, one just needs to look at his tenure as the Attorney General of the United States.

For as long as anyone can remember, the Justice Department, U.S. Attorneys and Assistant U.S.Attorneys were hands-off when it came to politics.  Sure,  many Presidents selected U.S. Attorneys more likely than not from their own political party.  But once these U.S. Attorneys were sworn in, it was understood by all of the politicians, that justice in our system of government required that they be allowed to do their jobs free of political intervention.

Not the case with Alberto Gonzalez.  First of all, the U.S. Attorneys’ Office is now stacked with graduates of “Regents Law School”.  If the U.S. Attorneys’ Office was stacked with lawyers from Harvard, Yale or some of the other prestigious law schools, one could understand.  However, Regents Law School is considered by those that rate law schools, to be in the bottom tier.

So why is our Justice Department stacked with these graduates?  The only answer is that “Regents Law School” is an arm of the Christian Broadcasting Network and not only were these Assistant U.S. Attorneys hired as political payback to the religious right, but also to take our Justice Department and make it an arm and tool of that same religious right.

Reports now have come out, that a Litmus test was employed at the Department of Justice for hirings.  Although against Federal law, although against common decency, although against everything that this country stands for, apparently the Justice Department actually asked applicants whether they were Republican or Democrat and who they voted for along with who their favorite Justices of the Supreme Court were.  All an attempt to garner whether they were Republican or Democrat and therefore whether they should be hired or not.  Again, inappropriate questions specifically when justice is to be blind and not to be based upon political ideology.

Then there was the firing of the eight, nine or eleven, depending on who is counting, U.S. Attorneys for substandard performance.  However, upon analyzing each of these firings, the common theme was that, in fact, they had gotten good reviews from the Department of Justice, but had either failed to bring voter fraud cases against Democrats within their jurisdiction or brought criminal cases against Republican politicians or operatives in their jurisdiction.  Again, one of the cardinal no-no’s of our Justice Department that being the use of it for political gain and political maneuvering, was revealed to be the order of the day under Alberto Gonzalez.

Then there was the testimony by Alberto Gonzalez in front of both the House and the Senate Judiciary Committees.  Although given months to find out how the ninth name appeared on the list of eight U.S. Attorneys to be fired, Alberto Gonzalez simply could only answer that he did not know how the name got on it.  What is most troubling, is that Alberto Gonzalez is supposed to the chief law enforcement officer in this country.  Alberto Gonzalez, more than any other person in this country, has the wherewithal to have professional investigators ferret out the truth.  If our Justice Department under Alberto Gonzalez is incapable of finding out who put the ninth name on the list, whether it was done at the White House or in his own department, then how can we trust this man to protect us from terrorists, criminals and those that would do evil to us.  Further, his constant answers in front of these two committees of “I do not remember” showed either that he was a liar or totally detached from his responsibilities and under either scenario does not deserve to be your Attorney General.

But just as you think there is nothing else to unearth about Alberto Gonzalez and his lack of ethics, ability, intelligence, and honesty, comes the latest report.  Former Attorney General, John Ashcroft was reported to be the most conservative Attorney General we may have ever had in this country.  His second in command, James Comey, was reported to be just as conservative.  Yet, even these two right winged conservatives felt that the White House’s idea of unauthorized wire-tapping was unconstitutional.  In order for these wire-tappings to go on, the White House wanted the Department of Justice to sign off saying that these wire-tappings were legal, thereby at least giving President Bush cover on his assault on American freedoms.

Even these two conservatives, could not bring themselves to sign on the dotted line.  So, your Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, in one of the most despicable maneuvers that have come to light under the Bush Administration (and that’s a pretty high standard) drove to the hospital when Attorney General John Ashcroft was recovering from pancreatic surgery, when he was under the influence of narcotics, and was lying in his hospital bed barely awake.  At the time, Alberto Gonzalez was the White House counsel, and did everything he could to convince an ill John Ashcroft to override  James Comey, who was then the acting Attorney General, and sign the document.  To John Ashcroft’s credit, he refused.

But this incident highlights the moral bankruptcy of Alberto Gonzalez.  Trying to take advantage of a person on their sick bed is reprehensible.  But, should we expect no less then the man who believes that the Geneva Convention is quaint and antiquated, that apparently America stands for torture, that civil liberties should be taken from the American people and that the President is actually, “King”.

Our country deserves better than you Mr. Gonzalez.  Please leave!

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