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Ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues

For whatever reasons it always seems that the summer months have less news on the First Amendment front or involving Adult Entertainment.  Maybe it’s because the courts, lawyers and even the police are on vacation, as well as many City and County Commissions.  Although the news maybe less we actually have a more active calendar during the summer months.

In July, the First Amendment Lawyer’s Association held its annual summer meeting in Vancouver Canada.  This three day event brings together some of the most learned and outstanding adult entertainment and First Amendment Attorneys from around the Country.  Those attorney’s report to the other members of the group their latest cases, the trends and information of interest that helps us all represent you much better.  The brain power in the room is quite astonishing with numerous of the members having argued before the United States Supreme Court and others being responsible for some of the most important First Amendment Jurisprudence throughout the Country.

This year’s  meeting was no different than others with topics being discussed involving zoning and licensing of adult establishments; the Federal Communications Commission; the requirements of labeling and record keeping for Adult Videos and on the Internet; and update on various cases that have been going on throughout the Court Systems.   As always, there is much give and take between the presenters and those in the audience with questions and comments flowing freely.  All in all it was a wonderful educational experience.

Later this summer, at the end of August, Daniel Aaronson will be speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada at Expo 2009, the Tradeshow for the Adult Cabaret and Dance Club Industry.  Mr. Aaronson not only was asked to speak but in fact will be moderating one of the two legal panels.

Mr. Aaronson has been asked to speak about the effectiveness of banding together as an organization given his recent success in the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Due to the strong organizational leadership of Jeff Levy the Executive Director of both the Pennsylvania and the New Jersey Adult Cabaret Associations an Ordinance in a small hamlet in Pennsylvania was repealed and a New Jersey State Statute was modified so that it is now palatable to Adult Clubs in New Jersey as opposed to being so expensive for the Adult Clubs to implement that without court intervention it could have been the death of many a club.

Also on Mr. Aaronson’s panel will be noted attorneys from California John Weston and from Texas Steve Swander.  These attorneys will speak on other subjects including the poll tax or patron tax that has been the new form of taxing the Adult Industry throughout the Country.

On another note earlier this summer James Benjamin and Daniel Aaronson found themselves in of all places Broussard, Louisiana.  Benjamin & Aaronson were representing Michael’s Men’s Club in a Federal Court Action against the City of Broussard because of an Ordinance that they have put in place that would have restricted what dancers could wear, where they could dance and how far patrons could be from those dancers.  After the lawsuit was filed negotiations started between the City’s Attorney and Benjamin & Aaronson, P.A.  To our surprise and delight the attorneys for the City were more than willing to resolve the Federal Lawsuit by way of compromise.  The net results were that Michael’s Men’s Club should now be in existence for a long time to come providing the people of Southern Louisiana with adult dancing for their enjoyment.

This case showed us as much as any, that when reasonable people are willing to sit down and talk that a reasonable outcome can be had.  The issues were discussed between Benjamin & Aaronson, P.A. and the City’s Attorneys with them actually being willing to listen to our points of view. With modest concessions given by Michael’s Men’s Club, the City’s needs were met and so were the needs of Michael’s Men’s Club.


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