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You Know Me, I’m the GOP!

It would be wrong to say that the Republican Party is a racist party, as many people in the Republican Party find that concept abhorrent.  However, one would have to be blind and deaf to not realize that more racists find themselves at home within the Republican Party than that in the Democratic Party.  Yet it appears to us that the Republican Party has either little desire to curry the black vote or is unaware of how to do it.

First let’s start with that Presidential Election Map of the United States.  The one that shows the Northeast, Midwest, Far West to be now considered Blue States or Democratic.  Then there are the States such as Virginia and North Carolina which at one time were considered part of the Deep South and locks to be red states or Republican.  Yet, those states were blue in the last Presidential Election and the indication is that they will become bluer and bluer as time goes by.  The West other than the West Coast is also traditional Republican Territory but in the last Presidential Election New Mexico, Colorado and even Nevada were painted blue.  Other States such as North Dakota out west flirted with becoming blue.

When one looks at the Presidential Map for the last Election, along with the fact that there are no longer any Republican United States Senators from New England and the Northeast, one can only come to the conclusion that the Republican Party is becoming a Party of the South.  Does this mean that the Republican Party is therefore racist?   Absolutely not.  But what it does mean is that the area of the country rightfully or wrongfully that is most associated with racism and keeping blacks as second class citizens is the strong hold of the Republican Party.  Thereby adding to the perception again rightfully or wrongfully that the Republican Party is anti-black.

To make matters worse for the Republican Party Michael Steel a black man is the head of the Republican National Committee.  Whether he is white or black he certainly has made many mistakes with his shooting from the hip speaking approach.  In all candor he has been quite lousy as the Chairman of the RNC.  Several prominent Republicans have blasted him and even belittled him.  It is doubtful that he will survive this year as the Chairman of the RNC, and if so there will be some perception that blacks are not wanted in the GOP.

Then there is Colin Powell.  A War Hero, Secretary of State, and generally thought of as a man of integrity, intelligence and character.  Yet, Rush Limbaugh and his supporters virtually pushed him out of the Republican Party, even claiming that they though he already had left.  Again, are these comments about Colin Powell racist?  Probably not.  However, it helps paint the picture along with the actions of the Republican Party towards Michael Steel that successful black men must tow their master’s line or they will be shown the door and excluded.

Then of course there is President Barack Obama, or as one Conservative/Republican Talk Show Host called him “Barack the Magic Negro”.  President Obama is not a Republican and is not being forced out of that Party.  But the comment and the characterization of “Barack the Magic Negro” if not racist certainly sounds racist.  Who could forget Michelle Obama during the campaign being called Barack’s baby mama.

No, the Republican Party is not racist.  Yet, they seem to be doing everything possible to let Blacks know that they are not welcome in the party and if welcome must know their place.  The Republican Party although not racist seems to be attacking the three most prominent black men in this country more than they seem to be attacking anyone else.  Based upon the actions of the Republican Party and those who are their major supporters, if whether the Party is racist or not is irrelevant.  Rather the perception has become one that Blacks are either not wanted or that the Republican Party has given up on how to attract them.

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