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DEM Candidates

In last months issue, we asked you to vote in the primary for the candidate that you
believe best served your views and issues.  In fact, one of us implored you to vote your conscious
as he was going to vote for Senator Joe Bidden in the Florida primary.  Unfortunately, that
opportunity will not arise as Senator Bidden no longer has his hat in the ring, so to speak.

In the one month since that last article was written, boy how things have changed.  Not
only have Senators Dodd and Bidden dropped out of the race along with Governor Bill
Richardson, but once what seemed like an issue driven campaign has been relegated to he
said/she said, personal attacks, with the media focusing in on those attacks rather than issues.  It
seems like de jevu all over again.  The Democrats seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

For almost all Democrats, and even a good percentage of the Independents out there, it
does not matter whom the Democratic nominee for President will be.  Rather, those Democrats
and Independents just want a viable Democratic candidate who will end up in the White House
and turn back eight years of the worst Presidential administration in our country’s history.  Most
of us, would be happy with one of the three remaining candidates; Clinton, Obama or Edwards.
Obviously, each one of us has our own preference.  The one thing that all of us do not want, is a
nominating process that leaves whomever is the standard bearer for the Democratic party,
tattered and torn and championing a divided party.

Yet, even though a fractured Democratic party is the worst thing that could happen to the
United States at this time, the Obama and Clinton campaigns have embarked along that path.
They are thinking more for themselves than of the party and ultimately the country.

We have often said, that no one should vote for anybody that wants to be President.
Think of the ego that one must have to believe that they are the best suited to be the most
influential person in the world.  Anyone who has that ego, down deep does not deserve my vote.
Since one does not become President without having that ego, we are faced with the fact that we
must choose from one of these self-grandised personalities.  But, when these ego maniacs, are
willing to tear apart the Democratic party and are willing to show such fracture that a Republican
candidate who by all rights should have no shot at the Presidency becomes a threat, then these
Democratic candidates are letting us all down.

Our world will not be that greatly different if Obama, Edwards, or Clinton are President.
Yet, our world will be greatly different from those three if Huckabee, McCain, Romney or
Guiliani should sit in the Presidents chair.  It is time that the Democratic candidates realized that
none of them is so special that they have the right to tear apart the Democratic party in order to
get the nomination.  It is time that all of them realized that getting one of the three of them
elected is more important than getting any one specific one of the three elected.

It is time that the Democratic party came together.  If the candidates cannot do it, we rank
and file people must demand it.  We cannot afford another four or eight years of Republican
domination, taking away our rights, our liberties, our economy, our sons and daughters and yes
the sole of this country.

On another note and some housekeeping, the City of Daytona Beach has filed with the
United States Supreme Court their Brief in Opposition to the Supreme Court granting certiorari
in the Daytona Grand matter.  All that is left to do at this stage, is wait for the Supreme Court
during this term to announce whether it will accept or deny certiorari (review) of this case.

Lastly, those of you in Florida who read this publication must join and donate to the FLA
SEA.  This organization is made up of adult cabaret owners and executives in the State of Florida
who want to be proactive in preventing bad legislation coming out of Tallahassee.  Whether you
are a large club owner or even a small bookstore, you must, you must, join this organization.
Any amount of donation would be appreciated.  Many of you, do not believe in joining
organizations.  Many of you, believe that the bigger guy will foot the bill.  Many of you are living
under false premises and pretenses. The bottom line is that big and small, adult cabaret or
bookstore, we need to band together and make the FLA SEA successful.

If you should have any questions on how to join the FLA SEA or want any more
information about it, please feel free to contact Benjamin & Aaronson, P.A. at 954-779-1700 so
that we can get you involved and hopefully make this organization a success that can look out for
your interests.

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